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Marion Deacon Artist




Wonderful Walking

Wonderful Walking

Blue Tree

Blue Tree

Late Afternoon

Late Afternoon


Marion's paintings will transport you to the mystery & beauty of our woodlands and forests. They will allow you to be immersed in the layers of growth, aligned with the seasons and nurtured by Mother Nature. These paintings bring calm and happiness into your home allowing ‘the outside in’ and ensuring a fabulous focal point to any room.


Marion's inspiration is:

Walking through woodlands or forests gives us time to breathe; to realign ourselves and feel a deeper sense of peace and joy. We can be enthralled by the colours, patterns, shapes and hues created by the sunlight and shadows within a woodland. The paintings I create are bold and colourful and yet evoke a sense of calm and wonderment. They take you on a journey of exploration as you wander down the pathway or look between the tree trunks and discover what else can be seen. These wonderful semi abstract paintings remind us to give ourselves time to be and reminds us to be guardians of our magical ecosystems.


Marion is a mixed media artist and uses Gouache crayons, collage, glue, and acrylics. The richness of depth is achieved through using a multi layered, mixed media approach. Often 10+ layers are applied before a piece is completed. Marion has honed the skill of working 'upside down' allowing the paint to run and dribble across the surface replicating the branches of trees growing towards the light.

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