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Maria Boyd Art






Curlew Sandpiper

Straumnes Lighthouse

Straumnes Lighthouse

Blue Moon Trees


Maria has a lifetime love of pattern and relishes bringing together elements of Art Noveau, Moorish and Celtic influences into her art. Her starting point is always blocking in her main colours and then goes back in with a dip pen to add the patterns and details which is where the whole nature of the painting takes on a different life.
She enjoys juxta posing stylised images of nature and wildlife onto highly patterned grounds. When studying her subjects, she endeavours to represent the myriad of patterns waiting to be released. She hopes that in some small way her art will connect you with nature, and highlight the beauty of the natural world as seen through her eyes.


Maria’s inspiration comes from the landscapes of her native Scotland to the ancient Meadows of England and all the gardens, parks, wastelands and pavements in-between. While she portrays nature and wildlife in her paintings, there is a strong design element to her work and she has a deep desire to produce pattern. She enjoys travelling, and likes to bring little bits of her travels back into her paintings, recent travels to Andalusia in Spain has sparked an interest in Islamic Geometry and take s influences from Moorish, Celtic and Art-Nouveau sources, which when used with the stylised subject of her paintings produces a unique piece of art.


Maria’s process starts with rough sketches in her sketch book to work out composition and placements. She uses mainly watercolours to produce her work, mainly because of the versatility of the medium, and loves that it can be used to produce anything from a light and translucent atmosphere to a dark and brooding atmosphere and can produce bright jewel like colours. The watercolour is applied layer by layer and washes where required. The use of 22ct gold in her paintings brings a warmth and light to the paintings. Finally, ink is applied as a final layer to give definition.

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