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Lynn Hazel ~ British Wildlife Sculptor


Work1 Hare

Work1 Hare

Work2 Wren

Work2 Wren

Work3 Little Owl

Work3 Little Owl


By explaining my vocation, what I do, as well as make, I hope to inspire individuals to consider the importance of biodiversity, to encourage an appreciation for the wildlife around us and to even inspire folk to become actively involved in helping the environment locally to them and further afield.


I've had a deep fascination and love of the natural world since I was knee-high to a grasshopper.
I consider myself fortunate to be in a position where I can study and sculpt the animals I absolutely love. I have hands-on experience working with wildlife too, from overwintering Hedgehogs, 30 years experience of saving Toads from roads during migration, to trapping and vaccinating Badgers for Derbyshire BEVs/Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. I'm also on the committee for the South Derbyshire Badger Group.


My pieces are hand built from stoneware clays, and coloured using oxide washes and highlighted with under-glazes for likeness of the studied creature, then fired to stoneware temperature. Inspired by my deep passion for British Wildlife, an expression of my fascination and admiration of the natural world.
My work is based from direct observation and secondary source material, using film, books & photographs in order to help me capture the essence of the creature I'm portraying – An artistic interpretation.

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