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Lucy Stevens






Grey Heron (Composed)

Bird Identification Colour Triangle Chart

Bird Identification Colour Triangle Chart

Kingfisher (Primary Blue)


Lucy Stevens is a multidisciplinary British contemporary artist whose work explores our relationship with the natural environment.

She draws inspiration from ornithology and colour theory. Her projects often include working in collaboration with experts in the natural world including scientists, museum curators, ornithologists, photographers and musicians.

Her work interprets birdsong, museum collections and conservation data into mixed media abstract portraits and colour charts on paper, sound works developed from gathering field recordings and most recently sculpture.

Lucy lives and works in Leicester. She received an MA and BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University. Her work has been shown in exhibitions and art fairs across the East Midlands and London. She has also taken part in artist residencies in London, Scotland, Brussels, France, and Sweden.


Her interest in interpreting nature conservation case studies is supported by experts in the natural world including scientists, ornithologists and museum curators. She has developed a visual language embodied with colourful, repetitive motifs and coded mark making to interpret birdsong, migration and the changing landscape which runs through her series of bird portraits and abstract paintings. As an amateur birdwatcher, avian subjects are a recurring theme in her artwork, including site-specific installations at festivals and sound works developed with musicians to deliver concerts inspired by birdsong.


Lucy works with a variety of mediums including acrylic paint, wax and oil pastel, spray paint, photography, collage and field recordings to produce original layered figurative and abstract artworks for exhibitions and fairs and to produce one-off concerts in collaboration with musicians, inspired by birdsong.

Her most recent work in collaboration with Leicester Museum & Art Gallery explores creative methods for cataloguing British bird skin specimens. Her solo exhibition ‘Colour Coded Birds’, saw a diverse collection of bird specimens grouped together by colour alongside contemporary artworks. The bird skin collection inspired Lucy to create new 2D and 3D artworks that use intense colour combinations. Artworks included within the exhibition combine photography of the bird skins on display with Lucy’s signature instinctive mark marking. As well as colourful abstract wooden sculptures, holding bird eggs from the museum’s collection, which interpret ornithological data.

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