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Lucy V Burton

Just as Beautiful

Blenheim Boquet

Blenheim Boquet

Speed Bounce


Whatever the subject matter, I aim to apply the paint in a dynamic and interesting way: focusing on colour mixing, brushwork and composition.
I paint commissions, sell work and exhibit locally with ‘Leamington Studio Artists’ and also teach painting to others.


I'm inspired to paint, particularly flowers, because of their beautiful shapes and colours. I like the challenge of applying paint in such a way that it captures more than just a literal interpretation of them.

I am inspired by many other local, national and international artists to keep exploring, to take chances and try different ways of working.


I paint ‘alla prima’ which is a painting technique used mainly with oil paint, in which layers of wet paint are applied to previously administered layers of wet paint. The technique requires a fast way of working because the work must be finished before the first layers have dried.

I’ve recently started using firm, coarse, flat brushes to really sculpt the paint, revealing the direction of the brush marks and adding interest where one colour catches on the next. For me, emphasizing individual brush strokes adds energy to a painting. The viewer can engage with the process because, with thick paint on a smooth surface, the direction and intent remain visible.

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