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Draycote Ceramics



Draycote Ceramics


Louise Le Seelleur Perks

The Sirens

Someone’s ready for supper.

Someone’s ready for supper.

A pinch of salt pig


Having developed an interest from oil on canvas to clay, I think that this medium offers more to the viewer and I hope they’ll be able to feel the process as well as see the process.
I also like to combine a useful object with a sculpture, I hope it makes everyday life a little more interesting.


There are so many inspirations including British wildlife and costal scenes. Having lived on the south coast for a number of years the sea has always been a real inspiration. I currently live next to a reservoir and there’s an abundance of wildlife and wild birds to inspire anyone that enjoys nature. I love to use sea glass in my sculptural beach and boat pieces to depict the water so that it has a connection to the sea. I also love the bestiary of medieval creatures, the stories and beliefs of the time are fascinating and it’s exciting to me to be able to produce a 3 dimensional form of the art of the Middle Ages.


I use clay in hand built, sculpture and wheel throwing . Clay is such a pleasure to work with, there’s a connection from the artist to the viewer and I’ve created my own canvas. That is just the start of the process, a simple mug can take up to 2 weeks, drying time, glazing and 2 kiln firings. The glazing is an art form of its own, and it’s fascinating to see what the heat work has produced when you open the kiln.

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