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Lou St Aubyn




Lou St Aubyn Artist

Boy in Yellow Hood

Mabel - a poodle

Mabel - a poodle

Light through the gladioli


My mission is first and foremost to have fun with art and to enjoy it, with a view to making others happy either by seeing my work, or being inspired to make their own. Art is accessible, anyone can get involved.


My inspiration comes from nature primarily. I am drawn to subjects that are lit strongly or have unexpected qualities and mixtures of colour, texture or reflection. The challenge is then to replicate those qualities on paper.


I use mainly coloured pencils on pastelmat, paper and drafting film, with a diverse range of subjects. I am also learning how to frame my work and expand my output into cards and other items. I found out about Art in the Park from the UK Colour Pencil Society magazine, as they had a presence with you in Leamington last year. Colour pencil is so versatile and allows a great deal of detail, but it is a very underrated medium, so knowing UKCPS were represented there has prompted me to make this application.
As I said, my mission is to have fun with my art and inspire others to make their own. As colour pencil is so user friendly and flexible it isn't daunting or unachievable.

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