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Brummie Landmarks Artwork

Brummie Landmarks Artwork

Cushion Covers in my Jungle, 80s Baby and Love&Peace designs

Cushion Covers in my Jungle, 80s Baby and Love&Peace designs

Wash Bags in my Floral, Hippie and Sun&Moon designs

Wash Bags in my Floral, Hippie and Sun&Moon designs


My work aims to help people make more earth conscious choices by providing them with sustainable alternatives to the high street and fast fashion brands. I believe that my products add a splash of colour into my customers lives proving that eco-friendly products don't have to be boring.
I think my work shows how diverse art can be and that you can quite literally turn it into anything; whether you create a piece of art to be a beautiful wall print, want to put your artwork on a cushion cover or want to turn your masterpiece into a groovy dress - the sky's the limit!


The main inspiration behind my designs is the 60s and 70s. I am hugely influenced by the music, art and fashion of the era including the pop opera Tommy by The Who, designers such as Emilio Pucci and Mary Quant as well as artists like Bridget Riley and Bob Massee. I also have a big interest in Carnaby Street in the late in 60s, particularly in the architecture and aesthetic of the street with large murals painted on shop exteriors by pop art collectives such as BEV. I would describe my artwork as putting a contemporary twist on the 60s and 70s, taking inspiration and references from the colours and shapes of the era but using modern themes or motifs within the designs themselves.


My designs are created digitally using photoshop and procreate on an iPad/laptop. Each prints often focus on a different theme (eg Birmingham landmarks, Japanese art, 70s hippies etc) and range from placements designs featuring distinctive motifs to intricate repeat patterns. I get my artwork printed onto a range of fabric using a company based in London who print using sustainable methods and only use organic or eco-friendly fabrics. The fabric is then sent back to me and I sew this into a range of homeware, accessories and fashion in my home studio. Sustainability is at the heart of my work with all of my products being made from organic or eco-friendly fabrics, all components from zips to packaging are sourced within the UK to lower my brands carbon footprint and my brand is zero waste so any offcuts or scraps are turned into new products or sent to be recycled.

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