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Lorraine Sadler






Blue Passage

Blue Passage

Entwined (in hand painted frame)

Entwined (in hand painted frame)

Spirit Of The Deep

Spirit Of The Deep


My art work is a vehicle for exploring not only my own place within the natural world but also that of the human species generally. I delve into ideas of transience, shape-shifting and alternate dimensions because I believe that the existence of all things is as such; that is to say that we and every other form of life from a microscopic subatomic particle to a cosmic supernova are simply ever-changing physical and energetic entities of the same origin and with the same purpose. This world-view lies at the heart of my creative process and the channeling of this perspective to touch others is what inspires me. I hope that others who resonate strongly with nature and cosmic pondering will feel connected to my paintings, and that they will feel inspired to consider the wonders of the natural world through a new lens.


I am inspired by both the physical and metaphysical aspects of the natural world. From ecological and environmental connections to repeating patterns and subtle energies, the diversity and interplay of natural life is of endless fascination to me. My interests in yoga, philosophy, legend and myth also play a part in the creative process.


I use water based mediums, predominantly watercolor and gouache but also occasionally acrylics. I also use dry media such as colored pencils to create ultra fine detail and pastels to enhance blending effects. I favour these mediums due to their lower toxicity and waste values as compared to oil paints for example.
I also hand paint frames for a ranges of prints, each one is unique and an extension of the image within.

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