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Colourful Outlook-Glass Art Designs






Traditional Stained Glass Door Panel.

Kingfisher Suncatcher Panel.

Kingfisher Suncatcher Panel.

Lighthouse Suncatcher Panel.


My mission is to create colourful & unique stained glass art using both traditional stained glass or copper foiling methods.
To create bespoke window & door panels, suncatchers & glass art that inspire clients to add bright colour & cheerful shadows into their homes & work spaces.
I hope to continue to grow my small business with online sales & social media. Im also offering studio sessions & more workshops for 2024.


My inspiration comes from a number of places:
My love for coloured glass.
Creating something unique & handmade.
My interest in architecture, art, nature & travel.
A clients connection to something personal to them.
Other artists.


I use Traditional stained glass & copper foiling methods to create unique window panels, door panels, suncatchers & glass art.
I love to create commission pieces that are personal to the client in colour, size or shape. The connection to the art is very inspiring.

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