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Lindsay Pritchard Art






Halls Fell Ridge

Sharp Edge, Blencathra

Sharp Edge, Blencathra

Blencathra Over Tewet Tarn


Growing up between the industrial West Midlands and rural Shropshire I was always been aware of the contrast between my urban environment and its lush green neighbour. Added to this, frequent trips when young to Yorkshire, with its industrial factories and soot blackened buildings nestled within its valleys, developed my awareness of man’s impact on the environment. Through my work I strive to highlight our dependence on these open rural spaces and how we should recognise and cherish the fragility of our relationship with them. The natural world is one that we can take for granted and I aim to encourage people to look around them and take care of the beauty that’s surrounds us all.


My work has its roots in the remote, empty landscapes of the Pennines which captivated me as a child travelling from the industrial West Midlands to West Yorkshire on family visits. Since then, I have been fascinated by wild, open moorland and upland fells and enjoy working en plein air to experience the shifting weather patterns, sights and sounds around me as I paint. Through the medium of oil I aim to transpose this onto canvas to recreate the sensory experience of being submerged in the raw, wild landscape at the mercy of the elements.


I mainly work in oils on either board or canvas and enjoy mark making and creating textures using a variety of tools, both traditional and unconventional. I work in layers and use glazes to give depth and saturation to my work. I also like to repurpose alternative substrates such as old pieces of board and sealed vintage maps as a surface for my semi abstract landscapes creating additional texture and depth.

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