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Leamington LAMP





Sound Painting

Communal Painting

Communal Painting

Human Sequencers Biodata Plays Synthesiser


Leamington LAMP is a creative company that delivers education, live art and music opportunities for young people.


We're particularly inspired by originality, forward thinking and open mindedness.


Science, art, sound, treated water, paint, software, paper, biodata, synthesisers...
1. Sound Painting is a process where one artist will paint on the surface of treated water and another artist will disrupt the paint using sound waves. Printing of the image takes place at the moment of disruption.
2. Using biodata sonification a plant will play a modular synthesiser - using the same sensors we can plug people into the system to utilise their own biodata to become human sequencers.
3. Our Game Dev project is a live demonstration of basic coding in game production. People will be able to have a go at coding a behaviour, pixel art or 3D modelling.
4. Communal painting is a chance to get it together with others and make giant abstract art works using paint.

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