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Rose Leaf Heart Earrings

Rose Leaf Heart Earrings

Fine Silver Mussel Shell Pendant

Fine Silver Mussel Shell Pendant

Sterling Silver Flower Threaders

Sterling Silver Flower Threaders


My mission Is to offer a collection of silver jewellery which is handcrafted, unique, contemporary, giftable and affordable. My pieces are shaped by natural elements from silver bells and mussel shells to beautiful geometric designs. I aim to encourage my customers to choose individual, hand crafted artisan Items like mine again and again.


My passion for nature in all its forms is echoed throughout my designs, including shells, acorns, leaves, flowers, sea glass and semi-precious gemstones. My work has a strong coastal Influence - I feel the pull of the ocean very strongly. I try to use the texture and form of the natural world wherever possible in my designs, I also use sea-glass which I collect from the shore, removing what Is effectively litter (albeit beautiful litter) from British beaches and recycling it in my work.
I have recently been experimenting with more geometric patterns and this is beginning to flow into some of my work too.


I work in both sterling silver and fine silver, as a self-taught silversmith, I use my own take on time-honoured techniques to achieve the perfect synergy of my design and inspiration. I find silver to be a versatile medium for my work, it can be worked by hand to produce beautiful designs without the expense of more expensive metals like Gold or Platinum.

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