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Impressums Jewellery






Sterling Silver Star Circle Pendant

Sea Glass & Sterling Silver Starfish Pendant

Sea Glass & Sterling Silver Starfish Pendant

Sterling Silver Wavy Ring Stack


I create distinctive silver jewellery, handcrafted with inspiration from natural elements, offering a unique, contemporary, and affordable collection.

My goal is to encourage customers to repeatedly choose individual, handcrafted artisan jewellery pieces.


My designs reflect my deep love for nature, featuring elements like shells, acorns, leaves, flowers, sea glass, and semi-precious gemstones. Influenced by the coast and the ocean's allure,

I incorporate textures and forms from the natural world. Additionally, I repurpose sea glass collected from British beaches, transforming it into beautiful creations.

Lately, my work has embraced geometric patterns as well.


As a self-taught silversmith, I employ my unique approach to traditional techniques, working with both sterling silver and fine silver.

I find silver's versatility allows me to create beautiful designs without the cost of pricier metals like Gold or Platinum.

The continuous learning of new techniques keeps my work intriguing and dynamic.

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