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Laura Dunmow & Tor Hildyard






Light Waves

Sea & Salty Air

Sea & Salty Air

Fresh Warmth


Combining my love of travel with adventure and as an artist, I produce original paintings that captivate wide open spaces, dramatic coastlines and the everchanging skies above. My paintings are comprised of a collection of land, cloud formations, and textures taken from nature. With hours of observing how light falls across the landscape, I create
original, atmospheric paintings that evoke an essence of each place.


Looking to the skies above, I find endless inspiration in nature's display of colour that creates drama across all seasons. My immediate countryside enables me to immerse myself in its seasons; I'm inspired by a fusion of various elements that help build compositions, telling stories of atmosphere and drama - sharing my journeys, designed to invite you in.


My favourite medium is oils. Their creamy, luxurious texture and deep colour pigmentations are perfect for the various methods when applying to canvas, The Use of coloured glazes on layers ensures the final piece comes alive - reacting like a 'dimmer switch' of light in nature.

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