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As I was going to St Ives

Hairy, Fairy Tale

Hairy, Fairy Tale

A small selection of journals


I create beautiful, unique pictures using a variety of interesting recycled papers which are juxtaposed and sewn into naive and colourful designs, which tell a story not just through the resulting image, but through the raw materials themselves.
I also create journal covers, which are removable to allow their life to be extended. These are all created from a huge range of recycled papers, including a lot of rescued tea and alcohol labels.
I have always hated waste and never use anything new if I can reuse something else instead.


I gain inspiration from all around me, constantly full of ideas but not enough time in the world to create them all. I am very lucky to live in a rural village in South Devon, surrounded nearby, by lovely countryside and the sea, that helps me a lot.
I basically channel my "inner Womble", by recognising the beauty in items considered to be disposable by most, I'm forever picking up things other folks leave behind and have a trusty band of followers who save treasure for me. The items I use are a very large part of gaining my inspiration.


I work entirely with recycled papers , all collected or donated, including old stamps, book pages, old passports, petrol rationing coupons and green shield stamps to name but a few. The papers themselves evoke memories and emotions in my customers, let alone loving the style. Everything is sewn in place which certainly adds another dimension to the finished work.
My journal covers are made using old, very large school books and then covered in alcohol labels, maps, games, children's annuals and much more, again, all sewn together

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