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Midnight Magpie Studio





Barn owl at night



Chinoiserie blue squirrel and acorns


I aspire to create work that reflects the fascination, joy and peace I feel when I interact with the natural world, and to allow people to bring a little slice of wonder and delight into their homes.


I am inspired by nature, wildlife, museums and mythology.
I gather much of my inspiration when I’m out walking my dog and from my garden where I grow a variety of plants and where I feed and watch the local wildlife. We have several very entertaining squirrels that visit us and these are often what I am drawn to paint and sketch. I also draw inspiration from visiting museums, especially natural history collections.


I work across traditional and digital media, and enjoy the possibilities of both.
I enjoy the physicality and unpredictability of working mixed media on paper with predominantly watercolour, ink and pen. I use lots of thin layers of media to replicate the textures and build the forms of my subjects.

In my digital work, I aim to replicate my style and use the precision of the software to produce repeat patterns for surface pattern design applications. I enjoy the flexibility it offers for experimenting with colour and composition before committing to an idea.

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