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Kt Robbins Ceramics






'Wave' porcelain ceramic mug with contrasting white glaze and unfired slip decoration.

A line up of wave caddies.

A line up of wave caddies.

A line of porceain ripple vases, in pastel shades, designed for single or garden blooms


Working out of my garden studio in Birmingham, I create porcelain vessels which bring luxury to everyday moments in the home.
From vases and mugs to candle-holders, these simple shapes are finished in a palette of emotive colours including pastels and shades inspired by the sea. I makes beautiful heirloom items which encourage mindfulness for everyday living, like taking your time over a cuppa, arranging blooms in a vase or lighting a candle.


A lover of the natural world, especially plants and flowers, I combine these passions to inform a contemporary range of ceramics.

My colour choices are inspired by the natural world, whether this be the sea on a hot summers' day or the first blooms of spring blossom.

The emotive colours I use are meant to evoke feelings of joy and calm.


I use porcelain clay and I mainly throw on the wheel.

I love the luxurious nature of this body which fires to a bright white and upon which colours applied feel so much brighter.

I sometimes use slip in my work, to accentuate the form , to provide an interesting surface for the glaze to break on and as a reminder these are handmade items.

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