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Moon Over South Cliff, Scarborough

No Great Expectations, Rugby, Warwickshire

No Great Expectations, Rugby, Warwickshire

Allerston Sunset, Yorkshire


I hope to inspire a deeper connection between individuals and the natural world by presenting it in a way that goes beyond superficial observation. Through the lens of my camera, my vision is to encourage people to "Don't just look, SeeLife" – urging them to perceive the vitality, stories, and emotions embedded in the scenes captured. My goal is to foster a sense of appreciation, respect, and responsibility towards nature, ultimately promoting conservation awareness and a love for the outdoors and our natural surroundings.


I am a nature enthusiast whose life revolves around the simple joys of walking, the outdoors, and embracing the beauty of nature. With a passion for exploring, I find solace in leisurely strolls with my husband through scenic landscapes: whether a serene forest trail, a rugged mountain path, or a sandy beach. I thrive on the physical and mental benefits of walking; not just a hobby, but a way of life! An advocate for environmental conservation, we live as sustainable a lifestyle as possible, holidaying in the UK where many of my images are captured. I'm a storyteller - through my lens, I weave tales of the essence of the soul of our beautiful land - transforming my photographs into compelling stories.


Capturing the beauty of nature through photography involves a delicate dance between technical skill and intuition. To freeze a moment in time and share a stunning vista with the public, I attune myself to my surroundings, immersing myself in the environment, and absorbing the colors, textures, and nuances of the landscape. By sharing these moments with the public, I enable others to experience the profound beauty that nature graciously offers and inspire a shared appreciation for the wonders of our natural world.

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