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Kate Phipps Jewellery






Scattered trillions stacking rings

Scattered trillions pendants in 3 sizes and colours

Scattered trillions pendants in 3 sizes and colours

Silver scattered trillions drop earrings


My passion is crafting high quality, contemporary, stylish and elegant pieces that people love to wear.

I love making things that give people a warm, fuzzy feeling. Whether it’s because it’s something that has special emotional significance, is a future family heirloom, is a treat to themselves or a loved one, to make them feel more confident or just because.

My mission is to create beautiful designs that feature clean, simple lines.


I am inspired by combining colours, shapes and textures to produce pieces that emphasise the qualities of the materials. One of my greatest inspirations is learning and perfecting new techniques and skills to allow me to create different designs.

I also find inspiration in working collaboratively with customers on bespoke pieces, which frequently involve remodelling sentimental pieces of jewellery to give them a new lease of life. It is an honour to be trusted to make jewellery that has significant symbolism to my customers.


I make jewellery using precious metals, pearls and semi-precious beads. My approach uses a blend of traditional jewellery making methods and modern technologies. For example, I use stone setting and traditional metal fabrication techniques to apply textures to metal, create three-dimensional forms and cut shapes. The manual approach is enhanced through technology. I create laser-cut acrylic shapes for press forming metal into new forms. CAD software allows me to develop more complex designs and experiment with design ideas, creating and 3D-printed models before making pieces in metal.

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