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Kate Pearson Deaigns





Kate Pearson Designs

Handwoven brooch on woven fabric

Circle handwoven card

Circle handwoven card

Handwoven card


Kate Pearson Designs embraces slow design through the traditional hand process of weaving to create modern unique pieces in this fast paced world. There is so much texture and movement Kate observes in her sailing adventures, her vision is to translate rough textures and fast movement through the use of delicate weaving patterns . Taking the yarn through a journey of bright colour . The greetings cards add a touch of brightness to any room along with the key-rings and bookmarks sparking joy with a pop of colour.


Inspiration is gained by sailing in the sea incorporating textures of the rough ropes against the smooth deck on a tall ship . Colour comes from the world around us the bright streets of a Caribbean dock, pops of pink, red and purple against the calm blues of the sea.


Hand weaving is a process which requires great technical skill and patience. A table loom is carefully threaded with each yarn placed in the correct order so a fine cloth is woven . Each shaft is lifted depending on the pattern to create a balanced and well structured fabric.

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