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Kanika Sharma




Summer Enchanted Forest

Summer Enchanted Forest

Lakshmi - Hindu Goddess of wealth & good fortune

Lakshmi - Hindu Goddess of wealth & good fortune

Island Escape - Pangalusian Island

Island Escape - Pangalusian Island


My mission as an artist is to spread the love and passion for Art through my work, whether it's in someone's home, office or even in public living spaces. My work includes abstract painting, bespoke landscapes, and religious or floral paintings. There is simply something for everyone.

My vision and motivation for Art are about creating paintings that are accessible, inclusive and meaningful to the audience. I aim to create work that generates feeling and emotion and tells a story through different colours, mediums and textures.

I allow myself to be playful and creative, as there is no right way to paint. All artists have their styles and express their work in unique ways.


What's my Inspiration - Well, I take everything I see as my inspiration, whether that's nature, lifestyle, different seasons, landscapes, and architecture.

I get my inspiration to paint from sitting in parks, viewing different seascapes and other breathtaking views. I take in all the colours and emotions at that particular time and create my paintings to reflect those views and feelings.

Other than what I experienced, my biggest influences as an artist have been over the years J.M.W Turner, J.A.M Whistler, Van Goff, Claude Monet, Maria Lalic, Gerhard Rednrichter, Stephen Wilshire, Tom Rickman and Kurt Jackson.


I have worked on various materials in my art career, from stretched canvases, watercolour paper, wallpaper and newspaper.

The mediums I use are acrylics, watercolours, inks, oil pastels, spray paints, biros and sometimes a splash of a leaf.

While using a range of mediums, I add texture and definition with brushes, palette knives, sponges, buds, and sometimes even tread stitching.

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