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Cedar Autumnal

YEW ECO T shirt

YEW ECO T shirt

Spalted Beech Table


I like my work to make people stop and think for a second or two and maybe see alternative ways of looking at things. My current practice is concerned with highlighting the hidden beauty within trees, which as the world is experiencing the real effects of climate change, is I feel, a worthwhile and poignant mission. I work across many disciplines including Printmaking, Woodworking, and Digital Design to work and products that people may want to hang on the walls, wear, use in their homes or as furniture. The Sustainability and ECO credentials of my work and products are very important to me


The beauty in nature
Using natural materials
The joy of making things by hand
The opportunities of digital design
Creating something different to the mainstream
Exhibiting, Marketing and selling it to people
Always developing new .....


Printmaking - I have developed a multi stage process to create natural relief printing blocks from sections of logs from fallen trees. These are then printing in black or colours for display as wall art. These handmade prints are then digitised and the resulting images adapted to form designs which act as a basis for creating a range of ECO clothing, cards, homewares and light boxes.
My love of wood and trees is further demonstrated by my woodworking practice in which I create a range of bespoke natural wood tables

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