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Yew Series No1

Yew Series No1

Autumnal Oak

Autumnal Oak

Earth Ash - ECO T-shirt

Earth Ash - ECO T-shirt


In 2020 I gave up my full time job to follow my passion and started Visibull Art and Design as a vehicle to promote and sell my range of tree ring inspired work which comprises handmade prints, T-shirts and other merch - all using my original images.
My mission is to highlight and celebrate the hidden beauty within trees to contribute in a tiny way to raising awareness of the critical role of trees at this time of climate change.
All my work is ECO based which is important, and if consumers can't buy my wall art, then they can wear it in the form of one of my 25 designs.
I am driven by experimentation and constantly developing new ideas - both in content and also in ways of selling it.
I sell my work on my own website, on Etsy and at exhibitions and events and since AITP22 have added small furniture, new prints, new merch and a glossy t-shirt catalogue as well as new trade partners


The beauty, complexity and fragility of nature is inspiring but so is experimention with new materials, processes and possibilities.
There is something special about creating something new and beautiful that people like and might buy, from a discarded log that would otherwise be burned!


I have developed a process to take a piece of log and turn it into a printing block through series of cutting, seasoning, sanding before inking and relief printing.
I then take digital photos of these handmade originals, edit them for use on T-shirts, cards and homewares.
I love coming up with new ideas and the physical making but also the marketing and selling to drive my small business forward.

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