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John Lister






Purple daze

Purple daze

Croatia blue

Croatia blue

Seaweed stream

Seaweed stream


I have come late to devoting any significant amount of time to artistic endeavour, having rediscovered my early love of photography in my mid-60s and begun painting in my late 60s.
I hope my photographs, especially of rock pools in North Cornwall, and sea and lakes elsewhere, help motivate more people to look down at the colour and beauty that so many people are unaware of.
I only paint those images where I feel a painting better conveys a mood and a sense of place.


My inspiration is mainly from the colours, shapes and light of moving water in landscapes, seascapes and rock pools, but I also enjoy including human figures to capture atmosphere and scale.


For my photos I use a Canon full-frame DSLR, most often with a telephoto or wide angle lens. The photos are edited - for levels, but no colours added or changed, using Photoshop.
For my paintings I began using acrylics and I now paint with a combination of acrylics and oils, working from my photographs, or occasionally from photos given to me by friends and family.

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