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Joe Eccles





I don't know where the rest go

I don't know where the rest go

A shadow of myself

A shadow of myself

Rainbow Dance

Rainbow Dance


The mission of my work is to inspire people in some way; to inspire them to think deeper, dream bigger or hope more bravely than they could before they interacted with my art. My work is abstract and I like to leave the viewer to see what they will in my work, my vision is that everyone can take something unique from my paintings.

I think that creating art is an endeavour that can bring happiness into many people’s lives. I love to paint and bring something completely new into existence. The process of painting liberates me and helps me to work through my emotions and difficult times in life. When I have down days, beginning the process of creating art shows me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, all I have to do is go into my studio and pick up my paints and brush.


When I create a new abstract piece, I believe it is important for me not to try and hold on to the vision that I have for a painting too tightly. I have a rough idea of the type of painting I want to create but as an emotive painter I like to let the painting develop in front of me and go along with that. I’m inspired by journeys of self-discovery and human psychological progress and I play with the concepts of balance and discord in my work.

Being an Artist is something that allows me to explore my authentic self, when I create art, I am fully present and connected to my whole being. For me, the journey of taking a blank canvas to a finished painting is one of hope and solidarity. It’s exciting to bring something completely new into existence.


I enjoy the painting process and like that the whole picture can change many times over, nothing is sacred and nothing is untouchable. I think one requirement of being a good abstract artist is not being afraid to paint over hours of work in order to take a different approach. One layer of a painting can be almost completely painted over, yet it is still there below the surface and it helped it to become the painting that it is.

I predominantly work on large canvases and use a variety of mediums including Acrylic, Spray Paint, Inks, Oil Pastels, collage and I experiment with different textures by adding materials such as coffee grounds to my paints. Working bigger allows me to move more and become more emersed in my painting. I play with the balance between free-form and structure, rationality and creativity, light and dark, and hope and despair.

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