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Jodie Fern Jewellery






The Seed (Hoops)

The Seed (Hoops)

Diamond In The Rough

Diamond In The Rough

You'll Move Mountains

You'll Move Mountains


Each piece is carefully handcrafted by me in my little workshop in Leamington Spa.

I enjoy making classic designs that can be worn whatever the season, and I am inspired by the architecture and art of the places I visit whilst travelling.

Each step of the making process is carefully considered with sustainability and ethics at its core. Any silver/gold offcuts are either melted down and repurposed or recycled with a local supplier.

Many pieces from my new 'Ambedo' collection have been inspired by ideas of mindfulness and each piece comes with a little card describing its meaning.


Many of my pieces are inspired by themes of mindfulness and wellbeing, something I have recently become more interested in.

I like to create pieces that are not only visually attractive, but can also be sent to friends and relatives going through a difficult time. Some of my pieces include: 'You'll move mountains", "Wild swimming", "Twists & Turns", "Make your own luck" and "The seed".

These are also heavily inspired by nature. Being in nature, or even viewing scenes of nature, reduces anger, fear, and stress and increases pleasant feelings.


I use eco-silver and recycled gold in my production and I only create jewellery in small batches.

As a supporter of the slow fashion movement, I strongly believe in supporting good quality craftsmanship rather than fast fashion. I am eager to provide a transparent production line.

I like to create simplistic style pieces that are unique to the wearer. I design versatile pieces with hidden meanings.

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