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Joanna Clay Design






Two-Tone Landscape

Two-Tone Landscape

Ladies In Dresses

Ladies In Dresses

Sunset Reflections

Sunset Reflections


Joanna works with an array of industry clients whilst running her e-commerce store and fostering a creative online community through her social media presence. She is constantly striving to evolve and push the boundaries of her creative voice to ensure her work remains innovative and eye-catching. Above all, Joanna's aim is to create positivity through her art, bringing life and light into people's homes - making them a more exciting and joyful place to be.


Both the natural world and historic architecture are great sources of inspiration for Joanna, often brought to light through her travels abroad and within the U.K. Her work is also largely informed by her background in printed textiles design, and celebrates all things pattern, colour and maximalism. The works of Hockney, Matisse and Dufy frequently inspire Joanna. She aims to evoke the same sense of joy that radiates through their work by employing playful brushstrokes and bold colour combinations.


Joanna uses a range of processes in her work, from painting and mixed media to digital manipulation and ceramics. Though she'll take any excuse to experiment with different art supplies, Joanna’s staple media are acrylics and gouache!

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