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Joan Kennedy Artist






"Chris" The Coo

Two Wonky Donkeys

Two Wonky Donkeys

Always By Your Side


Joan Kennedy has a mission to celebrate the beauty of the animal kingdom and bring joy through her colourful watercolour art. She creates vibrant uplifting art of British wildlife, exotic animals, and scruffy pets.

Her vision is to help more people find happiness and tranquillity in their home through her unique pieces of art, her special animal commissions, and her high-quality contemporary wildlife art originals and prints.


Animals are a huge source of inspiration for her. From wild animals to beloved pets, she loves to paint them all. She tries to show the spirit of each animal, almost in an abstract way, leaving the viewer to feel the emotion rather than an almost photographic image.

The suggested shape and form, layer upon layer of detailed paint and uncontrolled unpredictable bursts of colour is enough to tell the story of the animal and that we should respect and protect them at all costs


Watercolour is her preferred medium of choice, although she has also painted with oils. However, she loves the unpredictability and translucent quality of watercolour and tries to use this combination of both controlled and splashes of colour and layers to describe the feeling and personality of the animal she tries to create.

She always uses both superior quality paint and exquisite watercolour paper both for its longevity and high archival standard.

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