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Savannah II

Garden of Hope

Garden of Hope

Our only Home


Through her work J Suyi would like to invite the audience to engage in a narrative of nonrepresentational abstraction and imagination, which may be emotive or analytical. For her, nothing brings her more joy than staring at a blank canvas, coming up with an idea and taking it to fruition with a kaleidoscope of colours as well as taking the audience on a journey of exploration into an emotional and tactile landscape experienced through a variety of textures, a tapestry of vibrant colours, transcending generations and cultures. She invites viewers to explore realms beyond form and convention. The absence of recognizable shapes allows freedom for interpretation, sparking intrigue and curiosity in every gaze. She intends to present visually captivating pieces and also ignite dialogue about the power of art to bridge gaps and challenge assumptions. She hopes to create an immersive experience that encourages self-reflection, empathy, and growth.


J Suyi is guided by curiosity and the creative process itself. She often relinquish control in favour of expression, freedom, and discovery, which leads to the creation of audacious textured abstracts. She draws inspiration from her environment, nature, her dual cultural identity, life as a child and travels in Africa juxtaposed with her life and travels in the UK and the western world. She sees her creative process to be similar to visiting a new place, meandering the streets, discovering, and trying something new. Exploration and experimentation are fundamental to her as a person and as an artist, which is why she experiments with different techniques and styles, rather than sticking to a safe and familiar concept, which she feel defeats the purpose of creativity.


J suyi creates her abstract works with vibrant colours and metallic pigments in different styles and forms on paper, canvas, and wood. she predominately uses acrylic paint with different textured materials and mark making in the creation of my artworks.

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