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Jemma Taylor





Girls Night Out!

Girls Night Out!

The Pier

The Pier

Parent Life!

Parent Life!


My main mission is to just spread a little joy. I want someone to see my work and smile. I like to pick subjects that people can connect with and will want to share with friends and family.


I have often found inspiration from things like films, books and holidays where I can escape and clear my mind but just recently it has been my friends and family that have acted as my muse.

After having my second little boy I can no longer find the escapism that I used to rely on. However, the noise of everyday life has inspired more colourful and characterful paintings.


My usual medium is acrylic and spray paint. I love using layers of colour to add texture and depth to my work, the brighter the better! In my current collection I have added comical animals in black and white to contrast with the colourful background.

I want to extend this collection and used recycled/reused objects to paint on e.g lamps suitcases and mirrors, along with extinct or almost extinct animals and hopefully inspire everyone to do their bit to save the planet.

I am now experimenting with plaster and oil paints to create more texture and use softer tones to portray a more nostalgic feel.

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