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The Wolf of Warwick

The Wolf of Warwick



My mission is to bring myself peace and happiness through painting, and to serve inspiration and joy to others through my work. I try to provide a sense of escapism through my illustrations of wildlife and folklore, and add a layer of magic to my renderings of the natural world. As a mother to a young child, I also try to reflect both the joys and challenges of motherhood in my art, something that has profoundly impacted me and the way I perceive the world. I strive to make a living from my art in order to show my daughter that you can indeed make a career from something you take great joy in.


I take most of my inspiration from wildlife, the natural world, folklore and myths. I often use "the language of flowers" in my work to add a subtle meaning to the piece. I love adding a sense of "other" to my work, to add layers of magic and whimsy. My work has, at times, been described as "magical realism", and this is something I plan to explore more this year. Another of my constant inspirations is my daughter, Willow, and the joy with which she views the world, as well as the journey (both the ups and the downs!) of motherhood.


I use a variety of different mediums depending on the size of the piece and what I plan to use it for; for example, my smaller illustrations (used for prints and greetings cards) are painted using watercolour or gouache. I often add a layer of pencil crayon over the top to add vibrancy, as bright, vibrant colours have become something of a signature in my work.

For my larger pieces, I will use oils or acrylics, depending on how long I plan to spend on a piece. Oils are my favourite medium - I love the depth and richness I can create when using them.

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