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Jemma Banks Design






Alphabet Nursery Print

Alphabet Nursery Print

Penguin Birthday Card

Penguin Birthday Card

Cat Yoga Print

Cat Yoga Print


My vision for my illustrations is to create a personal connection to the customer. This could be in the form of seeing your own pet, relative or friend within one of my designs, by the action or expression they are portraying. I know then that a piece of my work, whether it be a print or even just a card, has more sentimental value to the customer. It’s fantastic to see customers purchasing products where they have a particular recipient in mind because of the association that they can instantly visualise. I enjoy working on custom designs, whether this is by personalisation of a current design or a completely new design, such as a house portrait. I love to create a product that can feel like a creative alternative to a memorable photograph that the recipient can treasure.


I am inspired heavily by children’s books and thoroughly enjoy creating characters, in particular animals with personalities and expressions with which people can relate to. This could be anything from seeing their amusing cat doing a yoga pose or a sleepy sloth, that looks like a relative, relaxing in a hammock. I enjoy how fun, whimsical and innocent illustrations can be within children’s literature and love to explore how I can develop these characteristics into my own prints. I am inspired to create products that are both cute and contemporary, but can also portray a little humour, sentiment or nostalgia for the customer. I also like to take inspiration from current floral and decor trends, and incorporate this into my designs.


I create products digitally using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, and am now starting to experiment with Procreate on my iPad to give me the opportunity to draw and develop products on the go. I like to use textures from gouache and watercolour paints to develop a softer feel towards my illustrations.

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