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Jamie Gray Photography





The Car Wash

The Arches

The Arches

Through The Thicket


As a side to my digital photography business, I am a keen darkroom printer and analogue photography practitioner. I want to bring my darkroom to Jephson Gardens and display my recent work.


I studied photography during the tail end of the analogue era and I'm still captivated by film and wet processing of prints. My photography focusses on the local area, mostly Coventry, Warwickshire and anywhere I happen to be working as a corporate photographer. My inspiration is the mundane set as a modern bucolic landscape.


I use photographic film, film cameras. For printing, I use chromogenic papers, exposed under an enlarger in a darkroom, and developed using chemistry. Papers can be either resin coated colour papers (RA4 Process) or silver gelatine resin and fibre-based. I do not use inkjet giclee. Hopefully I can demonstrate this rare process at the fair.

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