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(Whats the Story) Morning Glory?

(Whats the Story) Morning Glory?

Gleamington Spa

Gleamington Spa

Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)

Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)


The aim is to create visually pleasing and stimulating illustrations by combining song lyrics and graphic artwork that tells a story in a comic style snapshot.

Commissions undertaken for clients who want a bespoke piece for themselves or their loved one. Using their favourites songs that will hold a personal sentiment or memory for them.


Music and sub cultures are my inspiration. From 90's Britpop to 60's soul and British garage, ska rock steady, reggae and punk, I draw inspiration from the things i love. Also a keen Classic scooterist ( Lambrettas & Vespas ) and lapsed mod and keen Cov City Fan, all these elements can all be seen in my work. I'm also a Leam lad born and bred and my beloved home town can also been seen in my work from time to time.


My work technique has developed and evolved a lot over the years to where I'm at now. I work digitally using a combination of 3d mannequin sculpting and old fashioned sketching to create my compositions, before line working into rough drafts using an onion skinning technique to build up the layers of detail and removing the loose lines as i go. I accomplish this by drawing directly onto firstly an iPad Pro then a wacom cintiq to create my final images.
Occasionally I will go back to the paint brushes and work on canvas too.

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