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Jackson Jones





Be Bold - Charlecote Park (Plein Air 2023 AITP Prize Winner)



Leaf Bowl (left) & Landscape Sphere (right)


Jackson Jones is driven by a passion for art as a creative outlet. His mission is to communicate experiences and emotions. Jackson aspires to create artwork that is not just an object but something that can be taken home to inspire contemplation every day. His artwork explores curiosity and discovery for himself through the creation process as well as the audience engaging with the piece.


Jackson’s inspiration comes from his surroundings: his environment in which he lives and works, the music he listens to, the films he watches, all play a part in influencing his creative work. He finds inspiration in elements and emotional experiences. Another great source of creativity is in the organic forms and colours of nature. From the rough textures of bark to the soft petals of flowers, the outside world is packed with different stimuli.

Jackson also takes inspiration from other artists and experiencing their work in galleries and museums. Francis Bacon is a important influence. The movement in his mark-making and the transparency and ghostlike quality of his figures has inspired Jackson’s interest in creating evocative work. Alongside this, Marina Abramović plays a big part in pushing his boundaries in terms of conceptual art.


Jackson works with a variety of different mediums, with a focus on painting, drawing, and sculpting. He often blends these mediums for a unique and abstract outcome. In his commercial work, Jackson find a balance between traditional and unconventional approaches. In his studies and experimental work, Jackson extends beyond traditional mediums, incorporating photography, video, installation, and mixed media work. This varied artistic approach and interest in experimental artwork leads to abstract work and ideas.

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