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Art Glass by Jackie




Stained Glass Flower lamp

Stained Glass Tiffany style lamp

Stained Glass Tiffany style lamp

Fused Glass Door Plaque


I have enjoyed being a stained glass and fused glass hobbyist for many years.I made friends with other artists who persuaded me to my join the Arts in Redditch group.I exhibited some of my stained glass, Tiffany style lamps alongside modern abstract lamps, art deco mirrors and some fused glass pieces. I had lots of interest and compliments, I sold several pieces and took some commissions.This has inspired me to experiment and further develop my hobby.


Stained glass is a craft that is hard, unusual and expensive., It is an old craft which dates back to the 7th century and most examples are seen in churches. In the late 19th century Tiffany produced iridescent glass which he used in his interior designs, which included intricate panels and lamps which displayed the beauty of the hand laid glass.


A series of procedures are necessary to produce stained glass pieces. Several specialist tools are required; for example a good quality glass cutter, a glass grinder, a soldering iron and grozing pliers being some of the necessary tools. I mainly use the copper foil process. Firstly one finds a suitable pattern, transfers it onto the glass you have chosen then you cut it out and grind it down as each piece must fit together like a jigsaw. Then every piece must be wrapped in copper foil, laid out together and soldered both sides using specialist solder. The item is cleaned, patinated and polished (sounds easy ? Its not!) when I see the finished article I am proud and happy.

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