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Emma Grace Glass Art






Silver Birches Fused Glass Sculpture

River Rocks Seascape Wall Art

River Rocks Seascape Wall Art

Fused Glass Jewellery


My mission is to become the best independent glass artist that I can be and to share my passion for glass with other artists and people who are interested in giving glass making a try.
I do not have a vision for a big business. I hand make everything personally and intend to keep making a limited product range of hand made and hand painted glass.
I am constantly learning and trying new techniques, introducing glass tapestry to my range in 2022 and jewellery in 2023. I have a vision of bringing a new display and range of glass to AITP this year if selected.


I continue to be inspired by the ocean and natural world, with much of my work representing seascapes and tree scapes. This theme has continued with my glass jewellery making.
I am one of a few artists who also paint, and so I enjoy creating fused glass wall art which is hand painted.
I am also inspired to create work that is 'different'. I do not create floral glass, stained or blown glass and my style of fused glass in contemporary, with a preferred simplicity.


I work with warm glass techniques rather than hot glass (blown glass). This means that I create my designs using cold glass, and I paint on cold glass. My designs are then fused during kiln firings with various programming, depending on the work and desired effect. If I want to create a shape to my glass it is re-fired and slumped over ceramic moulds.
My glass work may be smooth or textured, flat or shaped. I use many different inclusions, frits, rods, enamel paints, metals and different glass - opaque, transparent, dichroic, art to create different designs. I make wall art, freestanding pieces, homewares and jewellery.
I favour a colour palette of blues and greens and contemporary whites and greys, but create in reds and purples for Christmas/Winter ranges

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