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Iris Eisenhart



Iris Eisenhart Ceramics




Vases and Vessel

Vases and Vessel



As a ceramicist I create pieces to bring beauty into one's house. Vases and vessels reflect the course of the seasons in nature and everyday pieces like mugs, jugs or bowls are glazed in natural colours representing water, woodlands, landscapes and the elements of planet earth.


Nature is the treasure trove for many artists and I am no different: my work is rooted in nature. Leaf vessels are made with real leaves from trees and shrubs around my home in Kenilworth. Each piece I make is a unique piece of art. My pieces are made to bring joy and peace into the new owner's home.


Stoneware clay is my medium of choice, even though sometimes I also work in Earthenware, Terracotta or on the other side Porcelain. I throw most pieces on the wheel.
Stoneware and Porcelain are best for domestic pieces due to the strength of high-fired clay. This year more pieces in Porcelain will be available, as the property of Porcelain brings glazes to even more translucent and thus more appealing appearance.

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