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Lyndsay and the team from Hooper Hoops





Choose your own hand-crafted hula hoop

Ask us for tips on how to hula hoop

Ask us for tips on how to hula hoop

Discover the benefits of hula hooping


We want to get people moving and help them to reconnect with their inner joy!

Hula hooping is for adults and children alike. We love to help spread the happiness that comes with these plastic circles.

From improving your confidence and coordination to relieving tension or anxiety, hula hooping has helped many people with their physical and mental health. We want to share this with as many people as possible.


People are our inspiration! Everyone's different - from the way we move, to how we learn - each individual we have the pleasure to teach, move with, or create a hoop for, brings with them their individual story. We would love to see how we can work with you.


We sell hand-made hula hoops, crafted to your specifications, right here in Leamington - and we'll teach you how to use your new hula hoop!

Our hand-crafted hula hoops are different to typical ones in the shops. They're made from water pipe, meaning they're heavier than the cheap, light weight kid's hoops, but don't have the painful bumps from exercise hula hoops sold in high street shops.

This material provides the perfect weight for adults and children to pick up the hula hooping movement with ease.

Choose how to have your hula hoop decorated and chat to one of our instructors for tips to help you keep the hoop around your waist, and for other beginner tricks!

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