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Helen Jayne Woodcock






West Gate

The Keep

The Keep

Ludgate Hill


I paint scenes from areas I know well and have grown to love,
Pembrokeshire and Warwickshire, landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes. My mission is to create a painting that is a snap shot of a day and enhance with texture and colour.


Views that make me want to draw and paint are almost always ones that enable me to engage with light and dark, warm, and cool shadows, especially those that I see moving across interesting architecture. The flare of light along the edge of a building or through foliage immediately gets my attention. Reflection of colours through the sky or bouncing off glass windows or water at sunset or sunrise, feature in my painting. I love to paint the weather, snow, stormy days and sunshine.


I use both oil and acrylics often in the same painting. The acrylics often to create dark bases and textures in the sky, the oils are used thinly and allowed to run along the canvas delivering layers of texture giving a multicolour glaze. The painting is the pulled together with thicker oils.

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