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Goth Wood






Goth Wood "Amen" gothic wall art

Goth Wood Satin Walnut Luxury DM Screen

Goth Wood Satin Walnut Luxury DM Screen

Goth Wood Gothic Jewellery Box


After I rebuilt a dilapidated outbuilding in 2019, I finally have a dedicated place to make things, and have combined it with my love of finding beauty in the darker side of life, to give life to Goth Wood - creating gothic, witchy and occult things from reclaimed wood. Candle holders, jewellery, dice boxes, wall art and all sorts of commissions - it all gets made in my small workshop in Warwick.
I love what I make, and I make what I love - so much so, that sometimes I'm a little sad to see items go! My mission is to have a creative outlet that other people can enjoy too.


My inspiration is twofold; firstly, an obsession with lego when I was young gave me a lifelong love of making things, leading me in to a career in engineering and an extensive history of tinkering with cars and DIY; and secondly, my love of all things fantasy and heavy metal has fueled my passion for the spookier side of life.
Goth Wood is the culmination of the things I've loved the most over the last 40-odd years; and using exclusively reclaimed wood is a small way to make the planet a better place for my two young children.
The look of excitement on peoples faces after they find something completely unique from Goth Wood is worth far more than I make over a weekend! It's also a little surreal that someone can love something I've made so much, I don't think I'll ever get used to that.


Wood is an incredible medium to use; it is so tactile and beautiful even before anything has been done to it. One of the exciting (and sometimes frustrating!) things about using reclaimed wood, is that no two pieces of wood are ever the same, and therefore no two products are ever the same. There is a lot of product photography involved to ensure customers know exactly what they're getting! I have used pallets from my day job, old furniture, offcuts from construction projects and all sorts of other finds. It takes a while to clean up the wood until it's good to be used, but the look of the end product is always worth it.
I also use a programmable laser to engrave artwork on to the wood; the sharp, exact lines produced by the laser contrast nicely with the natural feel of the wood.

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