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Gosia Weber Handmade






Branch - tiny triangle

Fig leaves - rucksack

Fig leaves - rucksack

Stem earrings


My artistic bags & accessories are everyday products for everyday people. Their primary use is their function. I believe that merging function with a bold colourful aesthetic is what makes them unique. My main aim is to not follow any fashion trends. I provide people with products that are truly unique where the style is easily recognisable. I endeavour to bring more colour into the everyday life.


I am inspired by architectural shapes and interior design details - the colours, shapes and patterns.
I am also inspired by the material itself - using reclaimed materials brings restrictions and limitations, which pushes my creativity. My designs are based around the material I have available, not the other way around. I get easily bored and like to challenge myself to explore new colour combinations, new motifs or to find a new practical solution.


I mainly work with leather where I tend to buy remnants from locally based companies. I follow the ‚no wastage’ policy in my own workshop as well - from the tiny offcuts I produce a wide range of small accessories and leather jewellery. Thanks to my decorative style, any faults I find in the material can be disguised which allows me to use pieces discarded by others.

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