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Iremía Pottery by Georgina Downie






Raku fired tea bowl

Stoneware jewellery box

Stoneware jewellery box

Stoneware fruit bowl


Iremía means peace and tranquility in Greek and that's the ethos that Georgina works by. Over the last ten years, she has found the pottery-making experience to bring her a sense of calm and relaxation which translates into her pots: a range of stoneware and earthenware ceramics, some functional, others decorative, but all of which create or add to a calming environment. For Georgina, feeling the clay in her hands and creating something unique while taking time out from the everyday grind is not only tranquil but it gives her a creative purpose, both in terms of giving beautiful ceramics to others, but also in teaching the art of pottery to people in and around Leamington. The mission, therefore, is to spread the peaceful art of pottery to others.


The inspiration of Iremía Pottery is the earth and the environment, a calming and centring focus that is inevitable in the clay itself, but especially in the use of the wheel. However, with Georgina it also transcends the initial handling of the clay to the distortion of the form as in life, the decorative focus in its candour, the glazing process in its impulsiveness, and the innate handling and presentation of the pot. The inspiration of Iremía Pottery is therefore nature.


Georgina works primarily with Staffordshire and flecked stoneware clay on the wheel, throwing functional ware for the table and dressing table, often thrown and then altered to give them a unique form, and turned on the wheel. Her pots are glazed in natural colours, most of which are fired in an electric kiln, though some she also raku fires using oxides for original and dramatic effect.

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