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RE:NU Mural

RE:NU Mural

Beach Days

Beach Days


When people see my artwork I want to take them to a special place that makes them feel happy and free, and hopefully remind them of some special memories they have.

Most of my work is based on images of women by the sea or in tropical surroundings, and I always hope that people can relate to the paintings and remind them of when they were in a happy place.

My mission is to keep creating and for people to see my work and know that it is me!


My Father and Grandfather have always been a big inspiration to me growing up, they were both really good artists and I definitely picked it up from them constantly teaching me.

I am constantly inspired by my surroundings, especially when travelling to new places. I'm always getting my camera out ready to take photos of something that I want to paint.

I am also inspired by a number of other artists. Seeing other artists succeed really motivates me and makes me believe that I can do it too.


I predominantly use acrylic paint, however do also use a mixture of texture paste, oil paint, watercolour and emulsion.

I have worked on a number of different surfaces from walls and windows, skateboards and clothing, to canvases and wooden panels. Since Art in the Park 2022 I have been predominately painting murals.

I mainly use brushes, but do also use sponges and rollers for my work.

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