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Wood & Things by GMc




Example Pictures, Sculpture, Bird and Candle Sticks

2 Tall Birds

2 Tall Birds

Cute and furry Highland Cows and Sheep


To take once loved items, scrap wood, old furniture and repurpose into items to be loved once again and not go into landfill. Creating individually wood turned home decor items along with statement pieces showcasing the unique beauty of wood. Some of our wood is also sourced from local wood yards.


To Reuse, Repurpose and Showcase the natural beauty of such a versatile raw material.


Our items are made from scrap wood, may be an old piece of furniture given to us by friends or neighbours. We also source additional second hand materials when making some of our smaller items e.g. sheepskin, faux fur. Some has been donated by a local wood yard when it is of no longer use to them. We look for the potential and how we can emphasise the quality of the raw material making each of our pieces unique.

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