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Ravens Edge Forge


i dont use media as much.. i do my advertising etc by doing art markers and shows..seems to work well for me.



leaf sculpture

poker display with candlestick

poker display with candlestick

various pieces from an art market stall display


keeping the ancient art of blacksmithing alive,using traditional methods and new methods,taking it to different levels and experimenting with textures and shapes to create indivdual pieces of art from fire pokers,candlesticks,flowers to garden sculptures etc.


im inspired by nature and its natural organic it twists and curves.textures.natural spirals and its movement


all my work goes through the fire.(forge) as hard as steel is in its cold form,when its almost white hot at forging temperature it moves like plastercine.. and can been hammered and shaped and twisted creating whatever the imagination desires.. organic forms and textures..i also like the combination of steel and copper, they tend to compliment eachother well.

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