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Charred Stack (WIP)

Concrete House series

Concrete House series

Copper Petri 5


I'm a multi-disciplinary artist producing work as prints, sketches, sculptures and AR. My work has always explored abstract contemporary themes which will often span across 3D and 2D outcomes. Although my range of interests is wide ranging I'm currently especially interested in concepts around House, Field and Flow and the combination of different, often found, materials.


Many of my artworks and projects have been fabricated in metals but I've also used light, acrylic, clay, glass resin and digital print. This interest in materials and process stems from my earlier art college training as a sculptor. I love using materials and processes to develop artworks. The materials themselves hold a significance for me and help to make the artworks resonate. My work spans across print and 3D forms - often there is a dialogue between the two media which is reflected in the iconography and language.


I use a wide variety of materials and processes and carry themes and ideas through from one form of output to another. Some of the materials I use include metal, wire, plaster, wax, paper, clay and recovered materials. My work encompasses print making, sculpture and AR. I’ve always had an interest in convergent technologies and I use digital and analogue processes throughout my work.

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