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Emilie Flora






Funky accessories

Festival fashion

Festival fashion

Mushroom Pot Covers


Emilie Flora is a funky knitwear and interior brand, specialising in designs that make you smile! Products range from cushions and plant pots to bags and hair accessories. The aim of the brand is to create joyful and zesty pieces that brighten up the homes and outfits of many.


Vibrant colours and playful patterns are at the heart of all Emilie Flora products. The two main sources of inspiration that inform these colour and pattern choices are the 70s era and fun-loving festival culture.

Through my work, I pay homage to the bold and brilliant designs of the 70s and reinvent motifs and colour palettes to bring the ideas into the 21st century.

Festivals are a constant source of inspiration to me! I love everyone's free-spirited attitude and their ability to fully express themselves through joyous clothing and accessories. It has always been a goal of mine to create products that people use as a tool of self-expression.


The funky knitted fabric that Emilie Flora products are made out of is designed from scratch and knitted by myself (Emilie) using a domestic knitting machine. The punch card technique is used to create pattern; this style of knitting generally focuses on the use of two colours. An extensive range of colour combinations are tested with each pattern to achieve the boldest, grooviest outcomes.

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