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Cosy by the Fireside

Cosy by the Fireside

Nature Journal

Nature Journal

Garden of Magic

Garden of Magic


My illustrations and art have always been a form of escapism. Growing up, I always loved stories and tales of whimsy that helped to make a scary world make a lot more sense, and the illustrations alongside it all further helped with that.
For me, I want to create characters and narratives that can help provide a small escape for others, for those that are still young at heart and believe in the magic around us.

If I can make one person smile, even just for a moment, that is enough for me.


My inspiration comes from storytelling, history, traditional fairytales from around the world, nature, and all things whimsical.


I create my work with inks, watercolours, tea staining, gouache, pencils, and digital programs. Additionally I use pyrography for my wooden charms.

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