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Eleanor Allitt,Colin Purdy




A5 Blacktailed Godwit

A5 Blacktailed Godwit

Blue/Ginger papiermache style necklace

Blue/Ginger papiermache style necklace

Applewood Bowl

Applewood Bowl


Eleanor Allitt -My beads demonstrate that attractive beads can be made from non-precious materials
The paintings show the beauty and freedom of birds in their natural environment, and to use colour and texture to show what an abundant and rich habitat we all share, particularly on the seashore. We need to cherish these precious spaces.

Colin Purdy - my work shows how ordinary locally found wood can be used to make beautiful and useful objects.
I want to minimise my eco footprint on this precious planet and show that it is not necessary to use expensive materials.


Eleanor Allitt - My original inspiration came from watching geese flying over the Greenway, and hearing their wild call which announced their presence. They tell us about the journey that we are all on.

Colin Purdy - I never tire of the amazing qualities of wood. The inherent beauty of grain, knots and bark all combine to make this an exciting material to work with. I seek to bring out these qualities in each piece that I make.


I want to show how discarded materials can be used to make out of the ordinary beads and pendants. Eggboxes provide the base material.The ancient fresco style tells of lives long passed.
Similarly bird paintings on old fence panels give a sense of freedom.

Colin uses local hedgerow logs to make natural edged bowls.
Oak, Ash, birch, holly and apple wood all provide a great and rewarding potential.

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