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Elaine Farmer Mosaics






Ode to Hokusai

Ode to Hokusai

Wild Cat

Wild Cat

Harrison's Ghecko

Harrison's Ghecko


Elaine is passionate about creating decorative, intricate artwork which inspires others. Most work has a sense of movement and vibrancy and she enjoys translating elements of the natural world into decorative and colourful abstract forms with the aim to connect others with nature. Elaine enjoys regularly working on larger commissions for private clients but would like to expand into the commercial sector to create retail and community mosaic murals.


Elaine has a broad range of themes, from flora and fauna, to abstract pattern and colour, to musical inspired pieces and loves combining the tactile qualities of materials and experimenting with assemblage of recycled materials and artifacts donated by clients. Each mosaic brings not only a little sparkle, but the opportunity to breathe new life into waste materials, recycling and reusing materials in the hope of spreading a little joy.


For her recent series of Tree Mosaics, Elaine has created press moulds of her handmade clay relief tiles and incorporates these with glass and ceramic tesserae and natural found materials. Both direct and indirect methods are used depending on the piece, sometimes work flows intuitively and other mosaics have a definite structure. Commissions have included typography and the clients small personal treasured items as keepsake mementoes.

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